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Oil Changes

Signs for Renewal:

  • Oil Changes should be done every 3-4K miles or every 3 months See you owners manual for service


Why Change It So Often?
Oil lubricates the engine, after time the oil changes from a fluid to a "gel-like" formula. This "gel-like" state doesn't allow the oil to lubricate effectively.

Estimated Repair Cost & Time:
$35.00, 1/2hr.

Additional Product Note:
We also include the following with every oil change:

  • Check and Refill of all Fluids (windshield was, antifreeze, trans. fluid, powersteering fluid, rear differential fluid)


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I was very impressed with Kelley Street Garage. Their customer service is impeccable, and they stand behind their work. Our interaction with the staff at Kelley Street was overwhelmingly positive.
- Mike, Manchester NH

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